Jun 20, 2023

Best Cotton Yarn for Knitting, Crocheting, and More

Soft, durable, and inelastic, cotton yarn provides superior stitch definition and is available in a wide variety of weights and vibrant colors. Garments and accessories knit from cotton yarn are breathable, machine washable, and comfortable to wear in any season, making cotton yarn a versatile choice for knitting, crochet, weaving, and craft projects. Our picks below will help you find the best cotton yarn for your project needs.

This yarn is made from 100 percent mercerized cotton, which means it has undergone a chemical treatment to make it stronger, shinier, and able to retain its rich color through many washings. It also resists unraveling while being knitted. Available in an all-purpose worsted weight suitable for a wide range of projects, this yarn comes in 25 color options and is sold on a 100-gram/186-yard skein. Try it for blankets, bath and kitchen accessories, or any project where durability is key.

A great choice for the crafter who loves color, this multipack of sport-weight yarn comes in rolls of 50 grams/185 yards each in nine bright colors. This is a fine-strand, multipurpose yarn suitable for colorwork, delicate accessories, and home decor. The cotton is very soft. We do find that it separates relatively easily compared with other picks, so it may be better suited for experienced knitters.

This highly versatile yarn comes in a worsted weight preferred for many knitting and crochet projects. It is available in a wide range of ombré-dyed colors and in large 400-gram/674-yard skeins. Easy to care for, this absorbent yarn is machine washable and dryer safe. Since it's a bit stiff, we recommend it for dishcloths, pot holders, and the like rather than for garments. You might find that it softens after multiple washes.

The manufacturer's nickname for this yarn is "fettuccini," which makes perfect sense considering its flat, noodle-like shape. While relatively wide, the yarn is still small enough to use with needles size 8 to 12 mm (versus arm knitting). Each strand is made of recycled fabric, making this an excellent choice for artists trying to incorporate greener practices into their studio. Since there are no twisted fibers, just a straight line of fabric, you never have to worry about the material snagging of fraying. The width is consistent, at about ¼ inch, and it comes in a large roll of 140 yards. Choose from more than two dozen colors.

Want yarn that works up super fast? Go with gauge 5 yarn, which is chunky and divinely soft. This one is suitable for 6.5 mm needles, and the strands are tightly spun to resist splitting. The cotton also presents a good amount of stretch. Each skein holds about 100 grams of yarn measuring 65 yards, and the product arrives knot-free. Plus, there's a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from—a whopping 40 in all.