Mar 27, 2023

Mainganye crochets her way to the top

LIMPOPO – Mainganye Nevhutalu is the brain behind Eunevh Krafts which deals in handmade crochet multipurpose baskets, bags, bathmats, and wine bottle holders, made of 100% T-Shirt yarn that contribute towards environmental sustainability.

Eunevh_Krafts is a female black-owned business, established in 2017 but started operating in August 2022.

She said the products are environmentally friendly.

"I learned the basics of crocheting while back in primary school. In 2007 while shopping I came across an aisle with wool and bought a few balls of wool then started crocheting a blanket. At the time I didn't know about the other types of yarn and patterns. In 2018, I came across a jumbo-size yarn and started making heavy blankets used as a throw and for decorative purposes," said Nevhutalu.

She said last year she came across T-Shirt yarn and did her research about products that can be made.

"I then made a few baskets and started posting and attending markets to gain exposure. The aim is to educate the young generation about crocheting which is currently deemed as an outdated skill. The skill will later assist in creating side hustles which will assist in generating extra income," she said.

She told CV that Eunevh_Kraft's long-term goal is to empower people of various age groups about crocheting and to develop patterns for various products.

"I was inspired to go into this field after identifying a gap in the market for crocheting items for people living in Vhembe and other provinces. The market usually has a generic range of sizes when it comes to certain items if they are available. I wanted to be the person who bridges that gap and uses it as an added advantage to gain access to the crocheting market. This made me realise how much I needed to ensure that I find a way to enter this market as opposed to just watching and criticising. I decided to take initiative by putting my work out to the world," she explains.

Crocheting was not really the plan, as passionate about it as she might be.

"Crocheting chose me, as far as passion goes. I only wanted to do it as a hobby, but I am now determined to make it a full-time career. And part of the reason why I am so prepared to take such a massive lifestyle decision is due to all the positive feedback I am receiving from clients," she concludes.