May 15, 2023

The Best Mohair Yarn for Softness and Versatility

Cultivated from the long, silky hair of Angora goats, mohair is similar to wool but has a fine texture with a smoother surface and a natural luster. Commonly found in blended yarns, mohair provides durability, elasticity, and a fuzzy texture that adds a soft halo to any project. It is suitable for delicate lacework patterns or for giving thicker-weight projects a luxurious tactile quality that is light yet cozy. Our picks below will help you find the best mohair yarn for your project.

Ideal for loose and lacy knit and crocheted garments and accessories, this super-fine-weight yarn is perfect for lightweight projects that will feel lovely against your skin. A blend of 76 percent super kid mohair and 24 percent silk, this yarn has a soft brushed texture that adds a delicate halo effect. Available in 25 gram/219 yard skeins, this yarn can be used on its own or in combination with other fibers for heavier-weight projects.

A supersoft and squishy bulky-weight yarn in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors. Made from a blend of 47 percent super kid mohair and 53 percent extra-fine merino wool, this yarn comes in a 50-gram/65-yard skein. With a rustic, uneven texture that is suitable for both knitting and crochet, this yarn will knit up fast for quick projects with a super-cuddly look and feel.

This yarn is similar to our top pick, but it comes in darker, slightly muted colors. A lovely combination of 75 percent super kid mohair and 25 percent mulberry silk fibers creates this soft and airy option. Versatile for knitting or crochet, this superfine lace-weight yarn can be used for delicate openwork patterns, doubled or tripled up to create fuzzy garments, or used in combination with other fibers to give loft and body. Available in a range of colors, this yarn comes in a 25-gram/230-yard skein.

Hand-dyed by artisans, this lightweight and gauzy yarn comes in unique variegated colorways that are sure to add beauty and distinction to any project. Great for knitting and crochet, this superfine lace-weight yarn is a blend of 80 percent kid mohair and 20 percent polyamide and comes in 25 gram/230 yard skein. It's perfect for delicate openwork patterns or for use alongside other yarns to add a soft halo and lovely depth of color.

This beautifully dyed yarn comes in vibrant, self-striping color combinations. A 45 percent mohair, 45 percent silk, and 10 percent lambswool blend, it comes in 50-gram/110-yard skeins. This luxurious yarn, in a highly versatile worsted weight, is suitable for many knitting and crochet projects, providing warmth with a lovely luster and drape perfect for garments and accessories.