Mar 13, 2023

The Next 'Free State Park Day' in Minnesota is This Saturday

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has announced that entry fees at all 75 Minnesota state parks will be waived this Saturday, June 10th -- encouraging all Minnesotans to get outside and explore Minnesota's parks & trails.

The goal is to encourage families to spend time together with a walk outdoors, to explore the natural beauty that Minnesota has to offer. Research shows that walking offers multiple benefits, from increased creativity and better brain function to more flexibility and stamina. So you won't just burn calories, you'll also improve your well-being.

Can't make it to a Minnesota State Park or State Recreation Area on June 10th? The next 'Free State Park' day is coming up on November 24th

The bottom line is that there's no shortage of ways to spend some quality time with your family outdoors this weekend. (It's what I'll be doing.)