May 31, 2023

This Made in USA Cycling Startup Uses Nuyarn Performance Merino Wool

Nothing is more natural or sustainable than merino wool, which regenerates with the seasons. Imagine that wool with all its natural attributes blended seamlessly with the best qualities of the synthetics: strength, durability, washability and stretch.

Pinebury puts that together for Spring/Summer in a new, genderless line of cycling and multi-sport apparel that is a tribute to Maine's heritage of living in the great outdoors.

The line is made from New Zealand's innovative Nuyarn merino wool, and it is a bike industry first in cycling jerseys and apparel. Items include road and gravel jerseys, high-performance short and long-sleeve multi-sport tops, socks and arm warmers. All are designed for maximum freedom of movement, breathability and fit.

According to Kyle Rancourt, founder and president of Pinebury, which is based in Portland, Maine, the new fabric is a top-performing addition to the kind of high-quality gear that enhances the sport experience.

"They are surpassing all their merino and natural fiber technologies in terms of performance and longevity," Rancourt said. "The potential of this technology is boundless."

Pinebury is a new activewear brand with roots in cycling that appeals to anyone who engages in challenging outdoor pursuits year-round or seasonally. It launched last year with a commitment to produce the U.S. to minimize environmental impact, reduce waste and contribute to the stewardship of communities. It makes jerseys and shirts in Massachusetts while socks and arm warmers are manufactured in North Carolina.

Nuyarn is made with twist-free spinning as opposed to traditional ring-spun yarn. Comparing the two, Nuyarn is said to have 35 percent more volume and aeration, a five times faster drying rate, 85 percent more elasticity, 35 percent more thermal retention and resistance to air, 50 percent greater burst strength, and 8.8 times more resistant to abrasion.

Last year, the Oregon-based Trew launched a new line of active T-shirts with Nuyarn, delayed somewhat because of supply chain issues. There were two previous lines, 2015 and 2018.

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