Apr 24, 2023

The Print, Pattern and Colour Report for Fall/Winter 2023

The Fall/Winter 2023-24 season brings in a plethora of exciting print and pattern trends, ranging from bold colours and abstract shapes to intricate line work and vintage-inspired motifs. Designers are experimenting with a wide range of colours to create unique and eye-catching visuals, including bright pink, orange, deep purple and green. Geometric shapes like hexagons and circles are also popular in abstract patterns.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, there is a growing trend towards more natural and organic prints and pattern designs. Designers are drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, incorporating botanical prints and animal motifs into their collections. These patterns often feature soft and muted colour palettes, creating a soothing and earthy atmosphere.

Here are a few prints, patterns and colour trends for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2023 season set to make it big – read on to discover!

Red is the colour that has taken the fashion industry by storm this season, making a bold statement on runways across the globe. Designers like Sandy Liang, PatBo, Silvia Tcherrasi and Alejandro Alonso Rojas have incorporated the fiery shade into their collections and it's safe to say that this colour will be a popular choice for Fall and Winter. From slim suiting at Ferragamo to polished coats and gloves at The Row, red has been ubiquitous throughout the fashion shows and is predicted to be a sweeping trend this season.

The fashion industry is embracing gender-fluid designs with the inclusion of wintery blooms on knits and soft fabrics. The traditionally feminine floral prints have been modernised to suit urban lifestyles for men, while still retaining the vintage essence of the print.

To add a new dimension to the classic summery floral motif, bold and graphic botanical prints are now being used on men's outerwear, shorts and cozy jumpers. These prints are abstracted, stitched and printed in a way that provides a fresh perspective on traditional floral designs. With a transeasonal feel, these new designs cater to a refreshed masculine aesthetic and offer a modern twist on a typically feminine pattern.

The colour green is taking inspiration from overgrown gardens that are slowly being reclaimed by nature, offering a reconnection with the environment for consumers. The shades of green are subtle and murky, taking cues from the undergrowth.

The richness of the hue is accentuated by solid colour applications and a choice of matte or glossy plasticised finish.

Another option to create a contemporary look is to incorporate a metallic sheen, adding a lustrous tonal variation to the classic green palette. These techniques provide a modern twist to traditional green shades, making them a popular choice for designers and consumers alike.

In response to modern consumer expectations and values, brands are re-negotiating their relationships with customers. Designers are adapting to this by reconfiguring their signature house motifs to establish and strengthen connections with global audiences. They are using textural woven backdrops to convey an awareness of nurturing our relationship with nature, creating a humble and pared-back aesthetic.

On the other hand, designers are incorporating digitised design elements to display a future-proof philosophy as brands embrace new technological eras. This combination of traditional and modern techniques demonstrates the adaptability of brands and their ability to connect with a diverse range of consumers.

Browns are retaining their natural and earthy essence while also acquiring a new depth and richness through the incorporation of warm yellow undertones. The lighter shades of brown now have a honey or caramel-like quality, which makes them versatile and suitable for use throughout the year.

This transeasonal appeal of the lighter browns offers a stylish and timeless option for fashion enthusiasts.

Honeyed thorn can be worn as a head-to-toe single-colour casual or performance look or can be used to lend a rich and polished accent to luxurious accessories.

This colour scheme offers a balance between making a statement and providing easy wearability, allowing for versatile and stylish looks.

The popularity of all-over prints persists as a dominant trend in the fashion industry, offering a wide range of options, from state-of-the-art graphics to figurative patterns that invade clothing.

Among the top trends for women's fashion in Fall/Winter 2023-24 season are all-over prints that feature state-of-the-art graphics. These prints have become increasingly figurative and they occupy clothing, maintaining consistency with the inspiration behind the collection.

Several designers, including Dries Van Noten, Marco De Vincenzo and Dior have incorporated sophisticated botanical patterns, while Glenn Martens’ Y/Project has pushed boundaries with a photographic collage version that defies censorship.

In recent fashion shows held during the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, monochromatic looks were a prominent trend. Several designers, including Valentino, Ferragamo and Givenchy embraced solid colour outfits with minimalistic elegance, often with tone-on-tone colour schemes. This trend of monochromatic looks offers a stylish and sophisticated option for those who prefer a more subtle yet impactful fashion statement.

Soft and cozy textures take centre stage in this season's fashion trends, with a focus on muted colours such as grey, light blue and beige.

Knitted jacquards and fleece fabrics incorporate carved textured designs, giving them the appearance of delicate lace. Jacquard coats made from tweed and chenille yarns create a beautiful and unique texture.

Classic double-face checks are given a pastel-coloured decoration, while alpaca and mohair coats are warm and fuzzy. This season's fashion trends embrace a comfortable and inviting aesthetic that is perfect for colder weather.

Tartan, a classic pattern often associated with Great Britain, has made a comeback in the Fall/Winter 2023-24 Fashion Week. Designers on the catwalks have reimagined the traditional woolen fabric, originally used to represent specific clans, with creative and innovative designs.

Thome Browne in New York showcased tartan in large oversized tweed coats with excessive stripes and combined it with cashmere in dresses with shoulder pads. Burberry's new designer, Daniel Lee, incorporated the iconic pattern on various silhouettes, featuring a pop colour palette of pink and purple or yellow and electric blue.

In Paris, tartan was a prevalent theme, with Saint Laurent keeping it elegantly draped as a cape, an oversized coat, a tube skirt and a lavalier-collared shirt. Meanwhile, Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri utilised tartan in numerous corolla dresses and full skirts, transporting us back to the Swinging London era of the 1950s and 1960s.

The world of fashion is currently embracing its romantic side, inspired by the popular TikTok trend of dark academia and the Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega. Rodarte's latest collection, presented during NYFW, showcased the brand's signature dreamy and ethereal looks with a darker twist reminiscent of their costumes for Black Swan.

Other designers, such as Adeam and Sandy Liang, also incorporated Victorian-inspired details such as lace and rosettes to embrace the romantic theme.

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