Nov 14, 2023

Stress Balls And Sensory Items For Adults

Don't be fooled by their fun colors or whimsical packaging. Fidget and sensory toys aren't just for kids. In fact, according to psychotherapist Grace Huntley, keeping a stress ball, fidget toy or other sensory items around can help you stay calm and process emotions, from anger to anxiety.

"Our bodies crave balance and homeostasis. When we’re emotional, the right side of our brain is especially activated," Huntley told HuffPost. "Grounding ourselves in our bodies and doing things that are orderly or sequential helps us to bring the left side of our brains more online to re-establish that balance."

Anita A. Chlipala, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Chicago, said that sensory items can create a sense of self-soothing. This soothing can help you work through stress and anxiety and can also help you remain composed or focused if you are having feelings come up during work or social time.

"Using sensory items can put a pin in the worry, bring the person back to the moment, and do what needs to get done in the present," Chlipala told HuffPost. "It's not about never dealing with the worry, stress, anxiety, or the decisions that need to be made, but refocusing on the sensation of the item to help you build tolerance for the uncomfortable feelings [and] move on with your day."

Further, keeping stress balls or sensory items around your workspace can help you stay focused.

"Stress balls and sensory toys can increase concentration and reduce stress by providing an outlet for nervous energy," said Carla Marie Manly, a psychologist and author of "Joy from Fear: Create the Life of Your Dreams by Making Fear Your Friend." "Although you might not be able to control a stressful deadline for a big work project, you can control your interaction with a stress ball."

If you tend to get overwhelmed, unfocused or consumed with emotions, all three experts recommended keeping a variety of stress balls or sensory items around your workspace, in your bag and around the house, so you can easily grab one at a moment's notice.

To help you find the best items for your, the experts shared their favorite stress balls, fidget toys and sensory items for adults.

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