Jan 28, 2024

The 10 Best Seersucker Suits of 2023: Buying Guide

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A seersucker suit is perhaps the best fit to wear in summer. It imparts distinction, while also being lightweight and breezy. But first, a brief history lesson.

While the precise origins of seersucker are murky, we do know that the fabric first came to prominence in the 1600s, during the British colonial period. The name comes from the Persian words "shîr shakar," which translates to "milk and sugar," referencing the juxtaposition of gritty and smooth textures, along with the standard blue-and-white colorway.

Seersucker uses a slack-tension weave, which causes some of the warp's threads to be woven tighter than others, resulting in a wavy, puckered appearance. This allows for more air ventilation than more stable weaving techniques. And where air can flow, things such as shirts and trousers are less likely to stick to the body and sop with sweat. For this reason, the Brits quickly grew enamored with seersucker, adopting it as a uniform in numerous tropical colonies throughout the empire.

Today, sweaty folks like myself appreciate seersucker. As an individual who tends to generate as much heat as a wood stove (even during the coldest months of the year), any chance to maximize airflow and minimize sweating through my clothes is essential. It's also worth noting that seersucker now comes in a huge number of variations, from punchy colors like pink and green to office-ready black and navy.

Here, we’ve combed the market for some of the best seersucker suits out there—so you can look cool, literally and figuratively, all summer long.

Leave it to menswear favorite Todd Snyder to create a seersucker suit that feels totally modern and fresh. Crafted from highest-quality seersucker fabric from Italy's legendary Subalpine Mill, this one has a touch of elastane for added comfort. The olive color on this style is just different enough to stand out from the crowd but versatile enough that you can wear it time and time again without being the pink suit guy, if you catch our drift.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Relaxed fit.

Buy Now on Todd Snyder: $766

Some guys don't love all-cotton or mostly-cotton suits, finding that they tend to wrinkle and don't have the longevity of other fibers. This is not the case with this wool-blend seersucker two-piece from the fabric maestros at Loro Piana. The fabric still has that classic seersucker look and feel but is woven from a wool, silk, linen, and elastane blend that looks and feels expensive.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Slim fit.

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Jacket): $3,100

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Pants): $1,300

Quintessential American clothier Brooks Brothers scores high marks with this updated take on the classic seersucker suit. Here, a tailored double-breasted fit that feels thoroughly modern, complete with peak lapels that telegraph style and confidence. The fabric on this suit comes with just a touch of elastane woven throughout, so it will have that just-right fit, even if it's just off the rack.

Jacket Type: Double-breasted.Trouser Type: Tailored fit.

Buy Now on Brooks Brothers (Jacket): $598

Buy Now on Brooks Brothers (Pants): $248

If you need something for the office—and if olive green and pinstripes are too outré for your liking—Bonobos has just the style that’ll seamlessly blend into any kind of corporate environment. The brand's single-breasted seersucker suit in classic navy is as polished as it is comfortable—perfect for jetting off to client meetings. Indeed, Bonobos has taken great pains to offer a range of fits, from slim to athletic, for each of its designs, allowing men of all kinds to look like their best selves.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Tailored, slim, or athletic fit.

Buy Now on Bononos (Jacket): $700

Buy Now on Bononos (Pants): $225

Fabric greeks, pay attention: This RRL suit is exactingly cut from yarn-dyed Japanese seersucker, specially washed for a vintage look and certain je ne sais quoi. With notch lapels and chest and front patch pockets, this suit has a vintage-inflected look that is neither too formal nor too relaxed. It will stand the test of time.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Straight leg.

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Jacket): $690

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Pants): $395

Make a statement with this Karu Research suit, crafted from an exquisite patterned seersucker fabric made by expert artisans in India. The unstructured blazer is made from quilted seersucker and will withstand even the most searingly hot summer days.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Straight leg.

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Jacket): $600

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Pants): $405

Here's a seersucker suit that you’d never know is a seersucker suit. Impeccable Lemaire tailoring, a luxe and rare plaid wool-seersucker fabric, and boxy double-breasted cut makes this the summer suit you didn't think could be possible. But seeing is believing.

Jacket Type: Double-breastedTrouser Type: Tapered fit.

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Jacket): $1,125

Buy Now on Mr Porter (Pants): $820

Thom Browne is the sultan of suit shorts, a designer that is pretty much synonymous with the style, dressing some of the most distinguished gentlemen in fits that show off their legs. His silhouettes are defined and unmistakable. But his fabric selections are broad. And the one ideal for summer is, of course, this seersucker option, a two-piece filled with all the crisp details and ventilation needed for looking spiffy under the summer sun.

Jacket Type: Single-breasted.Trouser Type: Shorts.

Buy Now on Matches Fashion (Jacket): $2,190

Buy Now on Matches Fashion (Pants): $990

New Orleans clothier Joseph Haspel, Sr. is often credited with creating the first seersucker suit (way back when, the fabric had a very casual, leisure-y connotation). Since then, men in hot, humid climates everywhere have turned to his brand for standard-setting seersuckers. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the pond, Haspel is the perfect place to start: Its suits are classic, foolproof, come in a range of colors and styles, and are available in both classic and modern cuts.

Jacket Type: Single-breastedTrouser Type: Audubon Classic or Toulouse Modern.

Buy Now on Haspel (Jacket): $425

Buy Now on Haspel (Pants): $225

Yes, it exists. Don't let hot and sticky weather get in the way of a black-tie statement. Fabricated in Polo's classic Black Watch tartan, this tux comes with all the finer details you’d expect from Ralph—trim fit, natural shoulder, high armholes, peak lapels, functional buttonholes, alterations available in Ralph Lauren retail stores even if you buy online—but the added cool of being made from breathable cotton seersucker. Which means you can shred the dance floor all night without breaking a sweat.

Jacket Type: Double-breasted.Trouser Type: Double-pleated, tapered fit.

Buy Now on Ralph Lauren (Jacket): $748

Buy Now on Ralph Lauren (Pants): $428

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